No Bad Kids: Toddler Discipline Without Shame

Africa Woman: The Poetic Perspective PDF Books

Africa Woman: The Poetic Perspective

AFRICA WOMAN - THE POETIC PERSPECTIVE The collection is a chronicle of the life and times of the woman in Africa as seen from the eyes of one of their kind. It encapsulates in poetic form, the African woman's major social, economic and political struggle for relevance. As Professor Harry Garuba of the University of Ibadan put it in his introduction to the collection, 'As the twentieth century winds up to a close, issues of gender and the rights of minorities have come to the foreground in the battles for equal rights for women and the struggle to protect the rights of minorities and the environment. The race consciousness engendered by the civil rights movements has, ... created a much wider awareness of the rights of all segments of society silenced by the dominant establishments everywhere.' The collection with 49 poems was published just two years after the 1995 Beijing Conference that unequivocally recognized the rights of women to freedom from discrimination and 'fits into a growing world-wide trend. The poet positions herself as a chronicler of daily life in all its manifold manifestations rather than as a saber-rattling warrior of the women's movement or racial disenchantment. The poems range freely through themes of love and relationships, both monogamous and polygamous, the wicked ways of in-laws and the comfort of friendship; there are poems of procreation and poems of protestation, poems of reflection and poems of resolution. Through all these we never lose the thinking, feeling human being in a maze of slogans... The emotional stoicism of "Another Time", the nostalgic lyrical recall and reminiscence of "Twenty Thousand Days and More" and the ironic observation on polygamy recorded in "Iyawo Mi" (meaning 'my wife' in Yoruba language) are all instances of a personalized rather than a collectivized response to issue, events and emotions. ' (Introduction by Professor Harry Garuba)

How to find God The royal prophet speaks PDF Books

How to find God The royal prophet speaks

This book is the beginning of one world religion .The fact that religion has helped many is undeniable .The fact that religion has been used to harm others is also undeniable .To let the past teach as it has .To allow religious knowledge to evolve with thought provoking internal reflection .That each person might evolve and one world religion might evolve .The truth set science free from socioeconomic dogma .Let us pray that truth will set religious knowledge free the forces which desire to dominate our religious reality .The peace we all seek is only available within our evolution towards one world religion .For the forces of the world will use religion to divide, conquer and control .

" Nene my day at the park "

An adventure story of a three year old boy. Told through the eyes of a child about family,friends,relationships accidents and forgiveness.

Comfort Measures Only: New and Selected Poems, 1994-2016 PDF Books

Comfort Measures Only: New and Selected Poems, 1994-2016

In Comfort Measures Only, Rafael Campo bears witness to the unspeakable beauty bound up with human suffering. Gathered from his over twenty-year career as a poet-physician, these eighty-nine poems--thirty-one of which have never been previously published in a collection--pull back the curtain in the ER, laying bare our pain and joining us all in spellbinding moments of pathos. The poet, who is also truly a healer, revives language itself--its sounds channeled through our hearts and lungs, its rhythms amplified through the stethoscope--to make meaning of our bewilderment when our bodies so eloquently and yet wordlessly fail us. Campo's transcendent poems, in all their modernity amidst the bleep of heart monitors and the wail of ambulance sirens, remind us of what the ancients understood: that poetry sustains us, and whether we live or die, through what we can imagine and create in our shared voices we may yet achieve immortality.

GOING GOATEE Facial Hair Design Idea Book: INCLUDING Goatees, Moustaches & Beards PDF Books

GOING GOATEE Facial Hair Design Idea Book: INCLUDING Goatees, Moustaches & Beards

GOING GOATEE Facial Hair Design Idea Book: INCLUDING Goatees, Moustaches & Beards a été écrit par Ira Jacob Jones qui connu comme un auteur et ont écrit beaucoup de livres intéressants avec une grande narration. GOING GOATEE Facial Hair Design Idea Book: INCLUDING Goatees, Moustaches & Beards a été l'un des livres de populer sur 2019. Il contient 46 pages. Ce livre a été très surpris en raison de sa note top et a obtenu environ best avis des utilisateurs. Donc, après avoir terminé la lecture de ce livre, je recommande aux lecteurs de ne pas sous-estimer ce grand livre. Vous devez prendre GOING GOATEE Facial Hair Design Idea Book: INCLUDING Goatees, Moustaches & Beards que votre liste de lecture ou vous serez regretter parce que vous ne l'avez pas lu encore dans votre vie.

What the Ladybird Heard 10th Anniversary Edition PDF Books

What the Ladybird Heard 10th Anniversary Edition

Celebrate ten years of farmyard fun with this special anniversary edition of Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks' bestselling picture book What the Ladybird Heard And the ladybird said never a word. But the ladybird saw, And the ladybird heard . . . When the ladybird overhears Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len planning to steal the farmer's fine prize cow, it's up to her - the smallest, quietest creature on the farm - to stop the thieves . . . This rhyming farmyard adventure features two bungling robbers, one clever little ladybird - and lots of animal noises! Join in the fun with the What the Ladybird Heard 10th Anniversary Edition. With bright, distinctive artwork and glitter on every page, this special edition of the family-favourite story also features bonus material, including a letter from author Julia Donaldson and never-before-seen pictures from the illustrator Lydia Monks' sketchbook.

Wisdom of vedanta PDF Books

Wisdom of vedanta

An Introduction To The Philosophy of Nondualism

Weather and Climate Inventory National Park Service Eastern Rivers and Mountains Network PDF Books

Weather and Climate Inventory National Park Service Eastern Rivers and Mountains Network

This project was initiated to inventory past and present climate monitoring efforts in ERMN. In this report, we provide the following information: o Overview of broad-scale climatic factors and zones important to ERMN park units. o Inventory of weather and climate station locations in and near ERMN park units relevant to the NPS I&M Program. o Results of an inventory of metadata on each weather station, including affiliations for weather-monitoring networks, types of measurements recorded at these stations, and information about the actual measurements (length of record, etc.). o Initial evaluation of the adequacy of coverage for existing weather stations and recommendations for improvements in monitoring weather and climate.

My Gratitude Journal (Teens): Daily Moments PDF Books

My Gratitude Journal (Teens): Daily Moments

"Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude." Ralph Waldo Emerson Gratitude is appreciation for every moment in your life. Gratitude is the foundation of your life, but gratitude is, first of all, a state of mind. Thank for your friends, for your grades, for your family. Be grateful for yourself. For who you are. Be grateful for the small things, the big things. The good things. The bad things. Be grateful for your daily moments and experience a huge transformation in your life. There is always something to be grateful for. What are you grateful for today? May All Your Dreams Come True.

31 Bed Time Games: You Can Play When Going to Bed. PDF Books

31 Bed Time Games: You Can Play When Going to Bed.

Make it fun and easy to get your child to bed with these interactive games. 31 Bedtime Games provides easy to play games for putting your child to bed for 31 nights. You will create bonds with your child and create memories that last lifetime. All you need is two flashlights, and change and a room full of toys. Bedtime Games provides 31 nights of fun for you and your child. You will be helping your child; develop motor skills growth, recall skills, helping your child know their colors, numbers, family event, developing their imagination, and just plain having fun. Remember to let your child win occasionally. Winning will build their ego. But, most all just have fun.

Bfs 1429311673: A BFS Puzzle PDF Books

Bfs 1429311673: A BFS Puzzle

Follow along, move by move, as a brute-force-search (BFS) algorithm constructs a crossword puzzle in the manner of Scrabble.

Oologah Lake Safety Book: The Essential Lake Safety Guide For Children PDF Books

Oologah Lake Safety Book: The Essential Lake Safety Guide For Children

A must have guide for anyone who spends time at the lake with children. This should be the first book you read any and every child arriving at your boat, lake property, campsite, dock, fishing trip, summer lake vacation, or lake cabin. Make it a summer holiday tradition, you will not regret it. This Lake Safety Book is a perfect guide to share with a young child before their first trip to the lake, or anytime you have young guests visit you at the lake. Filled with colorful and fun pictures with correlating text, the Lake Safety Book will help any parent to educate their child in the best practices for a safe and enjoyable vacation.Complete with the most common, but important, instructions this is a must have tool for your trip. Space is also included at the end for your own rules and regulations to enjoy your water vacation. Don't leave for the lake without first consulting this wonderful guide.Pick up your copy of this educationalpicture book today and be prepared for a safe trip to the lake! A trip to the lake can be a fun and enjoyable activity for the entire family, but safety comes first. With this Lake Safety picture book you can show and tell your youngster the do's and don'ts of having fun at the lake. Complete already with over twenty important reminders, there is space also included at the end for your own rules and regulations to safely enjoy your water vacation. Filled with colorful, informative pictures as well as text, the Lake Fun Book is the perfect accompaniment to your next lake outing.

Lightning Men: A Novel PDF Books

Lightning Men: A Novel

From the acclaimed author of “the most compelling new series in crime fiction” (Michael Koryta, New York Times bestselling author) comes “a sharply observed novel” (New York Times) that explores race, law enforcement, and justice in mid-century Atlanta.

Officer Denny Rakestraw and “Negro Officers” Lucius Boggs and Tommy Smith have their hands full in an overcrowded and rapidly changing Atlanta. It’s 1950 and racial tensions are simmering as black families, including Smith’s sister, begin moving into formerly all-white neighborhoods. When Rake’s brother-in-law launches a scheme to rally the Ku Klux Klan to “save” their neighborhood, his efforts spiral out of control, forcing Rake to choose between loyalty to family or the law.

Across town, Boggs and Smith try to shut down the supply of white lightning and drugs into their territory, finding themselves up against more powerful foes than they’d expected. Battling corrupt cops and ex-cons, Nazi brown shirts and rogue Klansmen, the officers are drawn closer to the fires that threaten to consume the city once again.

With echoes of Walter Mosley and Dennis Lehane, Mullen “expands the boundaries of crime fiction, weaving in eye-opening details from our checkered history” (Chicago Tribune).

Study Blast CompTIA Security+: SY0-301 / JK0-018 PDF Books

Study Blast CompTIA Security+: SY0-301 / JK0-018

Pass the CompTIA Security+ exam with a Study Blast! This book covers the SY0-301 / JK0-018. So what is a Study Blast? A "Study Blast" is a book of facts and items listed out for you to read, learn and memorize before taking a test. What can you do with the book? Try making flashcards from the items that give you difficulty. Read through before taking a practice test. Review after your practice tests. Read this book the night before the exam.. Make your own quizzes and tests.. Use this book for group studies.. All that and more... We review all the latest data and present it here. And by all means we are not a replacement for the "Official Study Guide" but we are an add on for every test taker to benefit from in helping them pass an exam. Please check out all of our Study Blast books!